Custom By Necessity

In some cases buying a custom frame is not just for perfecting the minor details. In one instance, a customer named Eric could physically not ride a production bicycle without pain. He suffered for years on numerous bikes to the point where he was contemplating giving up the sport.

The problem was Eric’s body was out of proportion beyond the limits that a normal bicycle frame allowed. We are all out of proportion to an extent, but Eric’s case was an extreme. His upper body required a medium to large frame, while his lower body needed a small to extra small frame. No production frame could please both halves without radical modifications. Short of a medieval stretching contraption, a custom frame was a necessity for Eric to ride comfortably. After hearing Eric’s story, Matt Nunn was confident he could build the frame that would resolve the fit issues.

Matt started the build process by taking Eric’s body measurements and asking him about the riding characteristics he looked for in a bike. He took every detail into account and designed a frame with geometries that accommodated Eric’s body and riding preferences.

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Despite Matt’s enthusiasm, John was still a pessimist, scarred from years of continual frustration. But Matt made an offer to Eric no one could refuse. “If you don’t like the bike, I will buy it back from you.”

Eric gave the go ahead and the bike was made. The frame was compliant to both halves of Eric and handled smoothly as he requested. A few months later, Eric completed the Double Triple Bypass (a 2-day, 220 mile endeavor) across the state of Colorado pain free. All made possible by Nunn’s custom bike design.

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