Where Innovation and Creation Meet

At the Red Bull Creation event, innovation is paramount.

Six teams of creative thinkers. A city full of inspiration. One massive challenge. At Red Bull Creation, you have to be fast, you have to be smart and you must be innovative.

Red Bull Creation is a 72-hour innovation competition that challenges makers, hackers and inventors to push their limits by creating something new and inspiring. In 2013, it was held at the Northside Festival, New York City’s largest annual discovery festival in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. Six teams, each composed of four people, competed in a theme-driven, live-build competition. And here’s the catch – the teams didn’t find out the theme until the 72-hour clock started ticking.

The team selection process was simple. Hopeful participants were directed to “use interactive lighting to create something awesome” and upload a video about what they made. Entries had to incorporate the “TurBull Encabulator,” an Arduino ®-controllable, multi-function circuit board. From these videos, a panel of judges chose the six teams.

The Combatants

The six teams who battled it out and the cities they represented:

Signal to Noise

The 2013 theme was “Signal to Noise” – build a musical instrument – and the c ompetitors had access to a host of high-tech design and fabrication tools, including a Torchmate® 4x4 Growth Series™ CNC Plasma Cutting System,Power Wave® C300 Steel Ready-Pak®, Magnum® 250LX™ spool gun, POWER MIG® 180 Dual, Tomahawk™ 375 Air plasma cutter, 3D printers and a myriad of other tools, pieces and parts. Some of the teams brought their own “secret weapons” as well, and runs to the hardware store were the norm.

The Winners

Judges Choice Award ($10,000 and the Red Bull Creation Cup): MB Labs – Their Autoloop project was a podium that let users control drums, cymbals, cow bells and maracas via a table that used sensors to determine the rhythm, which varied depending on where a user would place marbles on a second table.

Team Choice Award (Full Spectrum 5th Generation Hobby Laser): i3 Detroit – Their Whirly Turbulator was a device that used electric drills to spin and twirl corrugated plastic tubing.

People’s Choice Award – (3D Systems CubeX Trio) - 1.21 Jigawatts – Their Erte-tronic Deco Decoder turned graffiti into music. You would spray paint on a roll of paper. A machine then pulled the paper through and read it optically, causing it to hit chimes corresponding to the color and position of the paint on the paper.

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