Discover The Possible.

The world may not be ready for hover bikes just yet, but Lincoln Electric is ready to help you achieve your vision. While the company we’ve profiled is fictitious, and the story a bit fantastic, all of the capabilities that we illustrated in Discover the Possible are very real, and the “story” is a very accurate portrayal of how we help our customers realize their vision. All of the technologies—and more—are available right now from our Automation Solutions group. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with the welding and fabricating resources you need, now and into the future. In the early stages, when you’re ready to make the transition from welding and fabricating by hand, we can be there to help you select and design the right pre-engineered robotic cell to meet your production goals. As you grow, our two and three dimensional CNC plasma cutting or laser solutions can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your fabrication efforts. Advanced systems like tooling and fixturing, tube bending or hydroforming can be added to help you meet production demands. And we can be there to stitch it all together with complete, engineered line builds so you can compete with and even become one of the the major players in your industry. With the addition of fume control and fire safety solutions, you’ll feel better knowing that your investment in both your infrastructure and your employees will be there for you for the long haul.

No other company can bring you as complete a solution to your welding and fabricating needs as Lincoln Electric—irrespective of where you and your company are in your journey to automate. We’re excited to be there for you as you get ready to bring the world that next great thing. Visit us at to explore our solutions and find out how we’ve already helped customers just like you.

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